Leadership and team building

Structure of an article presentation

I presented this powerpoint to new staff writers during our annual JCAMP, which takes place at the end of each summer before the school year starts. The powerpoint outlined some of the basic structural elements of a journalistic article, along with examples from professional news sources. I concluded the presentation with a group activity where they practiced writing ledes using details about fake events.

How to: WordPress basics and multimedia tools

To answer our staff’s questions about WordPress, I created a “WordPress basics” document (how to update author bios, add excerpts, etc.) and created another document with my co-editor-in-chief to explain how to embed multimedia tools into WordPress posts.  

Reuniting with the past

(also listed under “Web”) As a news editor in October 2016, I decided to take my section to cover the class of 1976’s reunion. Covering this event allowed me to guide new staff members in becoming more comfortable with approaching and interviewing strangers. It also served as a way for our section to bond.

The purple and gold balloons tied to a wooden bridge are the same color as the balloons that adorn the roof of the gym during our rallies, but the event that they signal now is one that recalls a different time in MVHS history. It’s hard for us to imagine a MVHS different from the one we see everyday: a school without a football field to call their own, a school where the majority of students didn’t consider their future careers, a place where jukeboxes were once the landmarks of the rally quad. But for the class of 1976, that version of MVHS is the one they know and love. And on Oct. 8, 2016, a small group of them gathered over a few picnic tables in Saratoga Springs for their 40th reunion. Read more…

JEANC Norcal Media Day 2017

Four of our managing editors and I (center) after presenting at NorCal Media Day

At JEANC’s Norcal Media Day, four other managing editors and I led a 45-minute session about how we manage both a print and online publication. Our presentation, along with a Q-and-A, filled the entire duration of the session. The powerpoint attached below is an abbreviated version, with the examples removed for the sake of brevity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) presentation

I created this short powerpoint to teach staff about our WordPress site’s categories, tags and metadata, as well as what makes a good SEO headline. I concluded the presentation with a quick look at our site’s Google Analytics, to see which stories had gotten the most views, and where those views were coming from.