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I’m a senior at Monta Vista High School and one of two editors-in-chief on the staff of El Estoque, MVHS’ award-winning publication. Formerly, I was a news, entertainment and business editor for El Estoque.

In summer 2017, I attended the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute, a five-week journalism residency that is affectionately referred to as “cherubs.” At the moment, I am also a design lead for Res Novae, MVHS’ science and technology publication and a design/marketing intern for the Singapore-based dancewear company Cloud and Victory.

The red “record” button encapsulates my desire to know, to learn, to understand. And with each press of it, I carry the honor and bear the responsibility of telling someone else’s story. The pieces of work in this portfolio are among the many that have taught me the importance of that red button. With each press of that button lies the opportunity of uncovering the truth, sparking a discussion, and so much more. As a high school journalist, I’ve tried to seek truth and tell it with both accuracy and impact. This portfolio is the result of two and a half years of trying to do just that — I hope you’ll find that I’ve done it well.